December 20, 2016 tobie

Redefine How You Engage with Potential Candidates

Almost all employers have online job portals and post openings to online job boards. Additionally, global trends indicate that an increasing number of employers rely on unproctored online assessments to bolster their hiring decisions. As a growing number of candidates search for jobs and complete application and assessment processes from mobile devices, it’s time to unleash your brand from a desktop only approach. Enhance the candidate experience with mobile-first designs for your recruiting and hiring processes. A mobile-first approach is not mobile-exclusive, but will allow your candidates a choice when engaging with your brand.

Increasing segments of the population are mobile-savvy and seldom use a desktop computer outside of work activities. Mobile devices are always on and nearby. Apart from communication (e.g., text, instant messaging, phone), users order food, locate rides, share original content (e.g., videos and photos), and play games. Even traditional console game companies like Nintendo are jumping into the mobile arena. If you neglect this reality, you risk excluding those who almost exclusively use their mobile devices for online activities. Consequently, you will inadvertently reject a more representative and diverse candidate pool.

Read our whitepaper, “The Future is Mobile: Are your Hiring Processes Ready?” for tips on enhancing your mobile efforts and connecting with a more diverse, mobile-savvy talent pool.