January 25, 2017 Michella Wempen

Noise Effect. Do You Have an Effective Digital Experience?

Have you, as a leader of your company, invested the time to click-through your digital recruiting experience? I mean really went completely through your recruiting process. Based on 70+ applications I submitted in 2016 with my own personal research, very few have tested their process with a smartphone. The process was frustrating to me. I can’t imagine that type of experience was their intent.

If your company is hiring millennials, I’m curious how they might feel about your recruiting process. My research resulted in 92% of the applications not working with a smartphone, as well as not being able to complete the required assessments in several of the applications.

Pew Research Center reported in 2015 that smartphone ownership with adults 19-49 was 80% and growing. I can’t be the only one using a smartphone for everything. Today you are living mobile with everything from banking, parking meters, job applications, and so much more.

My challenge to every leader: Go through your job application process and answer the following questions:

  1. Can your entire process can be completed on smartphone?  Yes or No
  2. Does your process feel consistent with how you treat your customers. Yes or No
  3. Are you proud of your digital experience? Yes or No

How do feel about your process? Find anything that could be improved?

Author and WorkforceIC Founder